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Poster: He Live's Date: Apr 12, 2008 8:17pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Professional Touring Attraction -- like the Carnival

yeah i'm sure coltrane and others played long jams -- disregard vinyl/medium limitations -- that is only a fact or of "WHAT WAS RELEASED." music was recorded first onto TAPE and then sold in the vinyl format. as for musics of other cultures and "days of music" those cases are the perfect foils for the Dead. the Dead have the Ritualistic element, it is a key part of what makes them interesting, and it is not dependent on Dogma or Religion. the dead were a popular touring band. as for john cage, the music for piano and percussion is interesting but the rest of that stuff is THEORETICAL MUSEUM PIECE ACADEMICS -- i mean i enjoy Mortin Feldman, but comparing him to the Dead is APPLES AND ELEPHANTS.

there is PLENTY that has come out in the CD era from these "vinyl limited artists" including long "jams." like the entire Coltrane/Vanguard set -- all less than 20 minute tunes -- and this is not tooo far away from his heaviest out-there period to follow.... sure. he played songs for 45 minutes.

otherwise, you are taking a certain viewpoint about cues and repetition -- they were A PROFESSIONAL TOURING ACT, LIKE A CARNIVAL..... look at the setlists... many tours, they didn't really mix it up that much -- a group of 40 songs is played 20 at a time for many nights in succession. sometimes playing in the band took off, sometimes it didn't.


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